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Rosangel's piano students are encouraged and welcomed to participate in the yearly recitals. It is a great opportunity for the students to share what they have accomplished with friends and family, and to also meet other students. The goal is for these recitals to become a judgment-free zone in which the students can appreciate the uniqueness of each other's musical interpretations. The students receive a certificate acknowledging their participation in the recital, along with a goody bag! 
Venues: Community Meeting Room (CMR), Coral Gables Museum. St. Bede Episcopal Chapel, University of Miami. & Victor E. Clarke Recital Hall, University of Miami. 

Live-streamed virtual recitals: Students who are not residents of the Miami area will have the opportunity to participate in a
live-streamed virtual recital and have the certificates mailed to them. They will be able to have their performance played/projected in the Miami recital hall for other students to see!
This is a new and exciting experience, allowing all students to be in the recital hall, no matter where they are.

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Rosangel is a member of the following organizations, which enables her students to be enrolled and participate. 

Piano Guild Examinations: Take place during June and July. For more information, ask the teacher ahead of time. 

Florida Federation of Music Clubs: Take place during the Spring. 

During these evaluations, students are able to play for a panel of judges and obtain feedback and a certificate containing the judges' ratings. 

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