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1. Download ZOOM/Skype

Why Zoom/Skype?

  • They're free

  • Allow screen-sharing.The teacher and student can then write on music scores and assignments using the pen feature.

  • Compatible with majority of devices and systems.

2. Make sure you have a secure Wi-Fi connection

  • The teacher will spend 15 mins designated to setting up for the online lesson (free of charge). This set up will take place days prior to the lesson. 

  • There might be a need to move the keyboard/piano to an area of your home that has better wi-fi.  

3. Conveniently place your electronic device 

  • It's important for the teacher to have a full view of the student's hand and the piano keys. 

  • It's useful to purchase a phone/iPad tripod (available on Amazon).

  • You can also be creative and place your device on a table, or chair.

  • Don't worry, we will figure this out during the 15-minute setup time!

4. Materials to have during the lesson:

  • The teacher will be sharing documents with the student to be printed.

  • However- if there is no printer in the household, the student can temporarily use an iPad (if available) to read the weekly assignments.

  • It is important for the student to have a notebook, pencil  and highlighter available during the lesson for note-taking and homework assignments. 

 Sign up!

After signing up, you will receive the following:

  • Confirmation email

  • Zoom/Skype Meeting ID

  • List of possible times for 15-min setup. 

Setting Up for Online Lessons

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