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Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are offered to students of all ages and levels. During the tryout piano lesson, the parents and students are encouraged to spend time speaking to the teacher about their background, interests and what they expect to obtain from the piano lessons.  

Feel free to reach out to if you have any additional questions!

What's included:

Music Instruction including:

  • Note Reading

  • Scales& Chords

  • Technique

  • Rhythm

  • Memory

  • Performance skills

Written Notes provided after each lesson via email, text, or student's notebook

  • The teacher takes additional time to write down what the student should work on during the week in order to guarantee progress.

Additional Coaching 

  • Students can reach out for additional help during the week at no extra cost

  • The teacher will provide advice through text or email and send video demonstrations if necessary.

Recitals and Evaluations 

  • Students will be able to share their progress with others in a Recital Hall

  • In-person recitals will be hosted in the Miami area

  • Online students will be able to participate in virtual recitals

For more details pleas​e visit the Recitals and Evaluations page.

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