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Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are offered to students of all ages and levels. The first lesson is free of charge. During this initial piano lesson, the parents and students are encouraged to spend time speaking to the teacher about their background, interests and what they expect to obtain from the piano lessons.  

It is highly recommended that the student has an instrument to practice on at home. 

Beginner Piano lessons: Focus on the basics of music theory; note reading, rhythm, etc., while also focusing on the instrument's unique technique; correct hand position/posture, fingerings and so on. Simultaneously, students will be learning pieces of music to play on the piano. Because each student has a very unique learning-style, the student is not required to buy a book until about the third lesson. This allows the teacher to see which book works most efficiently for the student. Copies will be provided by the teacher for these initial piano lessons. 

Intermediate Piano Lessons: At this point, the student is comfortable reading sheet music and can advance to more difficult repertoire. Music theory will still be discussed during lessons, as new challenges arise. The teacher will assign pieces that will expand on the students' skills, but the students will also be able to pick pieces they enjoy and would like to learn. These choice pieces usually include well-known movie soundtracks, or arrangements of pop songs.  

Advanced Piano Lessons: The student is now playing impressive/challenging repertoire and shows a deep understanding of music theory. They show a more holistic understanding of music. The student is mature enough to learn a piece's notes and rhythms on their own. The teacher will work with the student to strengthen their musicality and technique. A solid technique is important in order to tackle the more difficult pieces and avoid injury. This is a very rewarding stage in the student's musical career.


All students are encouraged to participate in the yearly student recitals. This allows them to share what they have learned with family members, friends and other students. Certificates and goodies will be provided at the end of each recital!

Students who are not residents of the Miami area will be able to participate in Virtual Recitals and have the certificates mailed to them. Visit the Recitals and Evaluations page for more information. 


Lessons are now offered both in-person and online. 


Please contact me if you would like music lessons on any of the following instruments and I will refer you to a professional in my network of music instructors:

      VoiceGuitarFluteTromboneViolinViolaCelloMusic Therapy

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