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Rosangel is a passionate professional with many years of musical experience. Her goal is for music to improve the students' quality of life, while also potentially becoming a career for those who desire so. Students of all ages and levels are welcomed into her studio. Rosangel's background in piano performance and music education equips her to combine the most effective methodologies in order to maximize the student's learning potential. 

Rosangel recently founded Miami House of Creative Arts LLC, a music lesson and music therapy company offering lessons in piano, voice, guitar, cello, percussion, and trombone and trumpet.

Feel free to reach out to if you have any additional questions!

Rosangel Perez



"Rosangel is an excellent piano teacher! My three daughters adore her. I can see a great progress in every class. She is punctual, kind and makes the class fun. She is always rewarding them and introducing new songs and exercises in order to keep them motivated. Couldn't ask for a better professional."

Micaela, parent

Now Also Offering:
Group Piano Lessons! 

Available to beginners and advanced students of all ages!
Classes begin in May, 2022. Reserve your spot now!

Location: Coral Gables Museum

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